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Episode 13 – Attempting Banter: Reprise

Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween / Dia de los Muertos / All Hallow’s!

Even though we recorded this newest podcast on Monday and Matt promptly sent us the link, someone (Justin! Not me!) slacked and forgot to put it up.  So, I am sailing in to save the day and steal all of the credit.  Never mind that Justin texted me at 9:30 this morning my time to ask me to do it…  No, no, it’s not like normal people sleep in on Sunday mornings or anything…

Episode 13 – Attempting Banter: Reprise

Anyway, this week we tried again the new format introduced by Matt, in which we actually BANTER.  Or… try to.  We tried our best to be quicker overall, but you’ll have to give Justin and me time to learn to be concise.  Or at least conscious of the passage of time.  Maybe we really do need Matt to get a buzzer noise?

The things we bantered about:

The things we just talked about:
Have Justin, Matt and I succeeded in idly bantering?  Has our length of podcast vs excitement of podcast ratio improved since Matt piloted the new format?  Did I forget to mention something?  Did you want to mention something?  As ever, let us know!