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Episode 18 – What Not To Do As A Parent

There are new and exciting things going on here at Idle Banter and Escapades. First off, starting in the new year we will be moving to our new site courtesy of our tech guru Matt. With the new site we hope to start out individual blog posts again as well as be able to quickly get you the latest podcast episode. The second thing that will start taking place is we will be streaming our recording sessions live for any of those interested in listening. We will also have a chat room up at the time to get live questions and feedback from those listening. Stay tuned for more information on that.

On this week’s episode we discuss and article on a year in review of “bad parenting.” To go along with bad parenting, we also discuss the leaked pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s playboy shoot. We also talk about Apple (imagine that, since Matt was hosting this time), Alec Baldwin refusing to stop playing “Word with Friends,” and who are the least trusted people in the US.  Finally, we discuss a proposal to make Chicago a state. Due to a mix up in email, I only have a few of this week’s articles, but if you are interested in any of them please let us know and we will try to track them down for you.

Enjoy this week’s episode and we will see you early next week.