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Episode 14: In Which Zoe Disgracefully Brings Up a Reality Star

Hullo, Daylight Savers!

Last week I posted and it was Halloween(ish), now it’s Daylight Savings…  From now on, I’m only posting on holidays / special occasions with proper nouns.

Monday, we recorded Episode 14 and I lead the discussion.  In retrospect I feel like my topics were weak compared with Matt’s and other random news articles we’ve bickered about, but I won’t know unless someone points it out.  Check it out and prove me right or wrong: Episode 14.

Justin scoffed at Paranormal Activity and I was let down by In Time.

Then I brought up Kim Kardashian’s divorce and how it’s being used for a good cause by pro gay marriage / GLBTQ organizations / George Takei based on an article at The Wrap.  Matt brought up some pretty sleazy statistics on the short-lived marriage.

We tried to ruminate on an article about Gen Xers not being slackers, but it turns out, we’re not sure what defines generations…

And I found an article where really smart scientists put their formidable minds to improving boarding times

Tomorrow, we record a new podcast!

As ever, let us know how we’re doing.  Or send us a crazy news article, a funny video, some movie/show we “must see” or whatever.  Feedback is good, unless it’s coming from microphones.

P.S. Why do these links always turn up in stupid colors?