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Idle Banter & Escapades is a collaboration between two well-studied, even-handed, brilliant minds recognized by all who have encountered us.  Idle Banter & Escapades will be a forum where we analyze and dissect films, television, books and occasionally other media like music or theatre.  Our philosophy is–

Ah, who are we kidding?

Our qualifications are watching too many movies and television series, being addicted to IMDb, reading as much as we can when we can, and having a strange ability to seem like we’re on exactly the same wavelength while we completely disagree with each other.  We will actually review things seriously and have thoughtful discussions about various topics, but we’re also going to poke fun at actors, directors, authors and screenwriters, studios, celebrity gossip, and most definitely ourselves and each other.

We hope that you’ll find Idle Banter & Escapades entertaining as well as informative.

Now, a little bit on the miscreants behind the blog:

Justin: Justin likes long walks on the beach under the moonlight…

Zoe: JUSTIN!  How many times do I have to tell you, this is not a dating site!  Focus!

Justin: Sorr–ree, jeez, just trying to add a little class.  Okay, Justin is 25 years old and lives in Ohio, although he wishes he was anywhere else than here. He graduated from Miami University in 2007 with a B.A. in History and a minor in film studies. He attended Virginia Tech for a master’s degree in College Student Personnel and is still working on his thesis. In his free time he likes to watch movies, read books, play Xbox and hang out with friends.  Zoe?

Zoe: I think referring to myself in third person is lame, and I’m the responsible one.

Justin: Responsible?  When I met you, your hair was the color of fruit punch Gatorade!

Zoe: And you looked exactly the same, what’s your point?  I meant, I grew up, went to college with you, finished my thesis, graduated, and now I live in San Francisco with my husband and have a nice job.

Justin: I’m working on it.

Zoe: You do have more computers than I do–and a car…

Justin: And so now we’ve covered all the basics about ourselves.  In the blog itself, we will share more.  Like, what we each consider our favorites and the best things we’ve ever seen, read and heard, not just review things.

Zoe: Plus we’re going to debate things like entertainment value versus quality, how advancing technology helps and hurts, why people should or shouldn’t care about actors off-screen, if awards matter, uhh…

Justin: You didn’t make a list, did you?  I made a list.

Zoe: Don’t be smug.

Justin: No, no, responsible people call this “prepared.”

Zoe: So?  What else is on your awesome list?

Justin: Well… I’m not going to list the rest of the… list.  Those other topics should be surprises.  The ones you listed are so obvious for our type of blog to cover.  Mine are more interesting, cooler.

Zoe: Of course they are.

Justin: You always have to have the last word, don’t you?  This is going to drive me nuts.

Zoe: I don’t have to have the last word, but it is satisfying.

Justin: Damn it…

Zoe: To make you happy, I’ll end with a quote: “Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

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